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The naturist travelers’ way to the nude world: map, articles, news and events.


There are many naturistpages on internet so why make one more?

After spending hours on searching for naturistplaces/info on internet, we decided to collect "all" naturistplaces on one worldmap, making life easier for everyone!


On our map we showcase every beach, hotel and camping suitable for a naked lifestyle, that our ongoing research can find. You will also find links to naturist associations from all over the world as well as links to all sorts of websites with information, articles and news we think is of interest for the naturist traveler.


We have'nt been to every spot on the map "yet" but we have visit some beautiful places in the world - in Sweden (The place we live for the moment), Spain (Move there in the Future?), Greace (Crete is one of many islands we love) and France (Cap d'agde was a interesting place in many ways).


We love to share the places we have been to and the places we dream to visit, see our twitter, instagram and blog for much more pictures, news and articles etc.


If you think something is missing, want to share articles or have additional information about events, news or links,

please contact us.

Kjell & Åsa


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